It’s Renewal Time

Have you reinvested in yourself yet, it’s almost time up……!

The clock is ticking; we are just a couple of days away from the renewal deadline.

We are indeed living in unusual times where we have to streamline our expenditure and focus on those critical areas. As we streamline, let us not forget to reinvest in ourselves and renew our dues with Toastmasters International. If I was asked to list essential services during lockdown, Toastmasters would appear on my Top 5. The quest to become better communicators and leaders does not stop regardless of the prevailing environment. Just think of the sanity it brings to your life; being able to attend online meetings, not just in your home Club, Area, Division or District, but way beyond.

I am sure most of us had an exhilarating experience attending the first ever virtual International Convention. We learnt so much in the process and were inspired. There is a lot of excitement ahead of us because the best days are still ahead of us.

My clarion call is still that you make a personal decision to invest in yourself, get the most out of your investment, take decisive action and renew your membership. It’s worth it!

My name is Joel Gombera ACG, ALB, LD2, Past Area Director Z1, Immediate Past Division Director, Division Z and Current Club Growth Director, District 74. That’s still my story and I will continue sticking to it!

Remember, “An investment in self-development pays the highest dividends.”
― Debasish Mridha