Mentor/Mentee – Andreé Venter and Wasim Fortuin

My name is Wasim Fortuin, the VPPR of Multichoice Thursday club in Gauteng.  My curiosity and interest in joining a Toastmasters club was sparked shortly after hearing about it from a friend. As if on cue, they presented at Multichoice, where two clubs were started shortly afterwards – the Tuesday and Thursday club. I become the first president of the Thursday club, a position which I shared with a colleague of mine. After a few months she stepped down. She was one of the members who where battling to juggle their work commitments and Toastmasters responsibilities.

I soon found myself working less on speeches and more committed to the leadership structure of a club that was going downhill with closure growing imminent. Andreé Venter reached out to me and took on the task of mentoring our club. The impact has been incredible! In a short space of three months we’ve turned the tables and are on course to becoming a distinguished club! The lessons from my mentor and the Toastmasters organization are incredible! Not only do I speak with more confidence, but I also lead with more conviction. I encourage all to sign up, get a mentor and lead a life of greater significance.