Mentor/Mentee – Vicky and Linda

Victoria Mahlangu, the Evolving Ladies Club President and her mentor, DTM Linda Chimanikire from Challengers and Engineers Clubs

At first I thought I had made a wrong choice. I remember the softest voice telling me to invoke all the five senses when delivering a speech. “People have to hear what you are saying, feel the story, visualise it and if they can taste it, the better.” My mentor DTM Linda Chimanikire told me. She shared her story of being self-conscious and tongue tied in front of any audience, until she joined Toastmasters. This I was told in assurance that Toastmasters would groom me to be the leader and better communicator that I now am. Linda is behind my achievement of the Competent Communicator award. My most treasured advise from her is that my speeches should be based on personal stories. It has worked for me and I am a happy mentee. Linda my mentor, thank you.