Mentor/Mentee – Zivai Matondo, Mercy Mhlaba and Kudzayi Dave

I am standing on the shoulders of giants, DTM Zivai Matondo & Kudzayi Dave, founder and CEO of The Home K. Davie Paper Packaging. These two ladies have helped me to steadily improve in my personal growth and smash my professional targets. DTM Zivai Matondo has walked the Toastmasters journey with me. She is always available and ready to answer all my questions anytime and stretch me. My communication skills have so much improved as a result. When I set goals she makes sure I achieve them.

This April is my strong month as I celebrate a milestone, my 40th birthday. I am a member of the L’amour Club serving in the Education Committee and Global Women Extraordinaire Club Mentor, guided by Coach Zivai. Kudzayi Dave, my other mentor, is a powerful woman who mentors women in business. She mentors women on how to run successful businesses from scratch. Her focus is on business growth with full financial support. Her mentorship has groomed me to run our family business almost single handedly.