New Member Moment – Josephine Ngulube

Toastmasters is a way of life and I don’t think one can join and leave the same way they came. My experience so far has been life changing. Ever since I joined Toastmasters in Lusaka, Zambia, I have been challenging myself in other aspects of my life. The positive environment that one gets to experience in just one meeting stays with you the whole week. It has taught me the value of celebrating efforts and I have seen first hand the power of practice. When I first joined, I thought that it would be like an educational short course where we are given information to assimilate and later tested on, like regular classroom experiences. However, with Toastmasters, learning has never been more fun, its practical nature is like no other. Now I feel like telling anyone who will listen about it. My personality has begun to unfold and it is all thanks to Toastmasters.