New Member Moment – Joshua Hyams

Josh (23) on the left, brother Leo (20) and their father Ron (21+) on the right

After joining The Breakfast Club Toastmasters in October 2020, Joshua Hyams was not afraid to jump in at the deep end, and, two weeks later, he delivered his Ice Breaker and won the best speaker award! The Breakfast Club Toastmasters in Cape Town is thrilled to have a father and son duo as members of the Club.  Ron Hyams joined Toastmasters in 2016 because he realised that he needs speaking skills if he were to succeed in his work as a leadership coach.  He recommended Toastmasters to his son, Joshua who, as a young entrepreneur, needs to be able to speak, persuade, influence and sell his ideas. Ron is a successful business coach and attributes part of his success at senior levels in business to the confidence gained in Toastmasters.  Ron uses the Toastmasters platform as a safe place to take risks, try tactics and develop his skills. He realised how useful Toastmasters could be to his son too and recommended him to join. 

To the question on what wisdom he would share with other Dads to ensure a healthy relationship with their sons, Ron responded: “Don’t give advice. Rather listen, ask questions, appreciate, forgive and celebrate.”