Social Event – Toastmasters International President Visits Maputo Toastmasters Club

“At a time when we’re called to be so far apart, we need to be closer together”

Distinguished Toastmaster Richard Peck

December 16, 2020 marked the date of the first ever visit of Toastmasters International President to Maputo Toastmasters during his virtual World Tour through Zoom platform to 145 countries. With over 100 registered participants to the event, attendances was secured from Clubs not only in country but to places like the USA, UK, Guyana and Brazil. Cultural Moment @MaputoToastmastersClub Through his speech entitled “We will get through this” , DTM Richard Peck flagged the challenges and opportunities the year 2020 brought to Toastmasters, highlighting that we managed to find new ways of staying in touch with each other and developed a new and never before seen sense of global community. Inspiring prepared speeches, a Questions and Answers session, a Cultural Moment – featuring historical Mozambican facts and figures, the Table Topics and Evaluation sessions enriched the evening providing it a unique Mozambican experience to it’s participants.

DTM Richard Peck shared inspiring remarks with all members, reminding all that:

“Being a leader is not about being the center of attention. Being a leader is about being the epicenter of action. You don’t need to have a spotlight on you to make a change.”

Watch the full meeting with DTM Richard Peck here

An extract of the Question & Answer session

1. What do you think is the biggest strength of our organization

– We found new ways to stay in touch with each other and we’ve developed a new sense of global community – the more we can lean on each other and support one another, the better we get.

2.What do you want to achieve as the President?

– I want members to truly get the sense that regardless of who we are as leaders in the organization, we’re still members and we’re still capable of reaching out to each other. I aim to lead by example and showcase that our leaders are approachable: being a leader is not about being the centre of attention. Being a leader is about being the epicentre of action. You don’t need to have a spotlight on you to make a change.

3. What’s your definition of success?

It’s an external factor for me. Helping others reach beyond the barriers they’ve set for themselves to achieve more than they believe they can. It’s helping one person overcome their self-imposed barrier.

4. What’s the best advice you’ve received after delivering a speech?

– Don’t be so rigid that people can’t relate to you. Tell a story that people can relate to. Just be yourself, don’t try to be someone else or something for everyone.