Thank you to the Super Heroes

Thank you to the Super Heroes Behind the Scenes – The Division Chief Judges!

Service is tough and sometimes asks us to show up in spaces that make us uncomfortable.  Toastmasters is a place where regardless of whether you have a personal relationship with someone or not, people show up and support you regardless.

As I served as the District Chief Judge, I could not have been at every club, area and division contest. However, I had a team of Division Directors who sacrificed their time and provided support to all the clubs in the division.

The SuperHeroes behind the scenes have ensured from club level all the way to District level that members of District 74 conducted fair contests.

I would like to thank the following Division Chief Judges for their dedication and service:

Division          Chief Judge Name

M                     Mundia Mundia

Y                     Jeminah Maema

L                      Mutali Nemadzivhanani

E                      Robin Stone

A                     Vuyisile Vuthela

D                      Cheryll Wright

O                     Priya Iyer

S                      Susan Williams

H                      Juel Barnett

I                       Sandra Cooper

P                      Mike Crooke

Z                      Wence Kutekwatekwa

We did it together, we crowned a new champion!