We came, we saw, we conquered

“Growth is often uncomfortable, messy and full of feelings you weren’t expecting….but it’s necessary.”


As Toastmasters, we have opportunities to grow all the time through completing speeches and projects in the Pathways program and through Leadership. Whether that is through taking on a Club or District leadership role or just by being a leader amongst your peers, invariably this often means stepping out of our comfort zone which can become messy and uncomfortable but when we do, that is where the growth happens. Congratulations to the incoming Directorate.

What an amazing four days it has been! From the 6th of May till today, the 9th of May as District 74, we got together online for the annual MayCon.  Certainly not what we are used to for our annual conference but all the same, it was a great success.

Congratulations to all the speech contestants and winners of the District Hall of Fame awards, listed in this newsletter. You are all very talented and we applaud your achievements and support. It has been a pleasure to watch you all grow and excel.

Thank you to all those who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to produce this masterpiece of an event. A toast to all those members who were in attendance during the four days.

We all know how good Toastmasters is, even online, so why not introduce some new people to Toastmasters and earn a Beat the Clock Award at the same time.

Njabulo Thela DTM

D74 Program Quality Director