Why I renew my membership – Omega Mwanza, DTM

Everything seemed to have just turned sour and unpleasant. I had anger in me, frustration was stretched to the maximum but because I had built a reputation around my core value number one – mannerism – I dared not lose my composure. For a full year I was unemployed, it was painful because I could barely manage to keep my head above the water. What got me through this time was Toastmasters. I worked on my Toastmasters goals and it was like my ‘primary’ job.

Fellow club members decided to pay for my membership fees and Nikki Quinn hosted me in her home twice. Imagine receiving such selfless support! A year later I had an income and I believe that I was able to get that job because of Toastmasters. I had to prove and show I understood goals and was able to attain them because I could now show that I was able to move things from point A to B. With the extensive training program I became more mature and responsible. When I joined Toastmasters in 2012, I didn’t know what it meant to be accountable and always wondered how people get bragging rights. Now I know that bragging rights are achieved through hard work and support. I attribute my better after story to Toastmasters and this is why I renew my membership subscription every time. In Toastmasters, I have a caring family.