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Education Programme FAQ

Do I have to complete the projects within a manual in order?

Yes, you should be doing manual projects in order because the Toastmasters program was designed to teach one skill at a time, with each new skill building on the preceding skills.

If I don’t meet all of the objectives on my speech, can I still get credit for it?

Yes. Toastmasters is not a pass/fail program. However, keep in mind that you get out of the program what you put into it. If you focus on meeting objectives, this will help ensure that you get the most from the program (this includes time objectives).

Can I give speeches outside of my club for credit?

Yes. You are allowed to do up to two speeches per manual outside of the club environment for credit toward an educational award, as long as you receive prior approval from your vice president education. You must receive a written and oral evaluation from a Toastmaster, although the Toastmaster does not need to be in the same club as you.

Speeches given at Toastmasters club meetings are considered to be in the club environment. Speeches given at any Toastmasters event that is not a club meeting are considered to be outside the club environment.

Giving a speech as a test speaker in an evaluation contest, or competing in a speech contest is considered to be an outside speech as long as it is a manual speech.

What are the limitations on speech topics?

There aren’t any, but please review the following:

Members often hear “through the grapevine” that speeches concerning politics, religion and sex are forbidden by Toastmasters International because “such controversial subjects are not appropriate.”

This is not true. Toastmasters International does not prohibit any speech topic, content or language.

Toastmasters International recognizes that club members may learn much about the world around them from listening to others’ speeches on a variety of subjects. This variety can add interest to club meetings and stimulate thoughts and ideas. For these reasons, Toastmasters International does not place restrictions on topics, content or language in any speech.

Toastmasters International also recognizes that a club comprises a diverse group of people and recommends that members be mindful of this diversity, using good taste and sensitivity when selecting speech topics, content and language.

While Toastmasters International has no organizational restrictions along these lines, each individual club does have the right to limit speech subjects, content and/or language, with the consensus of its members. Club leaders should guide their members on how to observe good taste and sensitivity in the context of that particular club.

Club websites are useful vehicles clubs can use to advise members and guests of any policies that have been decided. Presenting information on a club website helps maintain consistency as leadership changes. Additionally, it allows transparency and clarity for club members so they can periodically review the established practices of their club.

I did a speechcraft program and decided to join a club afterwards. Do I get any credit for having completed a speechcraft program?

Yes. You receive credit for the first three Competent Communication projects, as long as you completed the entire Speechcraft Program.

If I am speaking at my club meeting, can I get credit in my Competent Leadership manual for being a speaker and credit in my Competent Communication manual for my speech? What if I’m doing a speech from an Advanced manual?

Yes, you can get credit for one speech from both manuals.

Can I earn an award more than once and can I repeat the same manual for award credit?

Yes. If you are repeating an award, you may repeat a manual. If you are applying for a new award, you must use a manual that you have not received credit for yet. Click here for more information

Do I need to have both a written and verbal evaluation to receive project credit?


Can I do different projects from different Advanced manuals and still receive credit, as long as I have completed five projects?

No, you must complete a full manual for credit.

Can I repeat projects within the Better Speaker Series, Successful Club Series, Leadership Excellence Series, Success/Communication, or Success/Leadership for credit?

Yes. In order to receive credit, you will need to do two separate presentations of the manual on different dates.

I served as a district officer replacement starting in August. Do I still get Advanced Leader Silver credit?

For Advanced Leader Silver credit, a district officer term must be from July 1 – June 30, unless you are a replacement. If you are replacing another officer, the district must submit the change by September 1 for you to still receive credit.

*Term must be completed at the time you submit for the ALS award (e.g. if the term is complete on June 30th the award cannot be applied for until July 1st.)

I achieved the old Competent Leader award. What is the next award I can work towards?

Advanced Leader Silver.

How do I apply for an education award online?

Club officers are able to apply for education awards online through Club Central. Please note that club officers may not apply for their own awards online.

Can a member have two roles evaluated in one meeting from the Competent Leadership manual for credit toward an education award?

No. In any one meeting you can only be evaluated in one leadership role. This encourages participation from as many members as possible in a club meeting.

Can I give and receive credit for two manual speeches done in one club meeting?

No, you may present and receive credit for only one manual speech per meeting.