Be Intentional about achieving Excellence

Even though I have been a Toastmaster since the start of my career, my journey towards (Distinguished Toastmaster) DTM was motivated and escalated by the phasing out of the Legacy Program. Before then I
did not fully understand the requirements of becoming DTM. Back then I believed that achieving DTM was simply out of reach for me, and was perhaps best left for communication veterans. With just a few months to go before realizing my goal, great planning is of the utmost importance towards realizing my dream of becoming DTM on the legacy program.

During COTi Division S announced the theme for the year, “Superbly Achieving Excellence” and is therefore fondly known as Division Superb. Division Superb is only able to achieve excellence through every single member in Division S achieving their goals. Achieving your goals not only sets you up for success, but also demystifies the process and inspires other members to achieve their goals.

2019 has had numerous challenges, and often when we are overwhelmed with many tasks, personal development is often compromised. However, neglecting personal development is a deadly mistake, as true growth and accomplishment is achieved when we intentionally work towards becoming the best possible version of ourselves. As this year’s tasks slow down and the year quickly fades, it is often the best time to reflect on our achievements for the year, based on the goals we set for ourselves and our clubs. Failures are merely missed opportunities that have birthed more opportunity towards success and the achievement of our goals. Now is opportune to strategize and become intentional about our success for the coming year, to ensure that at the start of the calendar year we implement our planned winning formulae. This will give us an advantage over our peers as when they begin planning for the New Year in the New Year, we will be in execution mode.

Without a doubt I believe that Division S is home to the best clubs in District 74 some of which are flirting with that coveted Best Club in District 74 position. Division S simply described, is home to the best members in District 74, and I am excited and look forward to celebrating each member’s achievements at the Hall of Fame. Continue to be great leaders, and continue to inspire through communication and action!

My starting point is to congratulate each member in Division Superb for taking #onestepforward towards not only improving their leadership and communication skills, but for the positive impact they continue to make on fellow members through their leadership strides and the stories they tell. Secondly I would like to congratulate the members who continue to submit their goals, as this translates into clubs achieving success that continues to make history. I urge every member to submit their completed goals promptly before we wrap up the calendar year, as there are many clubs that are very close to becoming Distinguished. I am superbly proud of the leading clubs in Division Superb that are now well on their way to being Distinguished or better and have paid their dues, to ensure that all members are set for success.

Achieving my DTM goal will inspire more members from my home club to consider aiming towards DTM, as it will be the first for the club. I challenge you to pursue and conquer that goal currently at the back of your mind that sometimes seems out of reach. I challenge you to be a leadership veteran and make a real difference in the world, through the impact you make in the spaces in which you lead and influence both inside and outside Toastmasters. Be intentional about achieving excellence and making a success of this journey.