Understanding the Hall of Fame

Have you ever been to a District Event?

My mentor, David Preece, had informed me that there was a District Event in Rivonia and encouraged me to attend. I had just started my term as the Club President of Standard Bank Operations in July 2015. This was to be my first District Event.

I arrived at the venue and saw men and women in suits. I felt extremely under-dressed for the event and out of place. I returned at the door. I did not attend my first event and did not relate this incident to my mentor. The first time I ever shared this story was with Frank Tsuro this year.

In October the same year, I managed to finally attend my first ever District Event. It was at that event where I decided to always try everything legal to raise money to attend District Events. My greatest learning was how Lance Miller World Champion of Public Speaking 2005 led his club from 30 members to 90 members when he served as Vice President of Education. I knew that day I was wrong to miss the event in Rivonia.

Another interesting thing about this conference in East London was the Hall of Fame. It was great to see members ascended to the stage to receive awards and recognition for their achievements.

Do you know what the Hall of Fame is? Do you know which awards are awarded at the Hall of Fame? Do you know what to do to work towards writing your name in the booklet of the Hall of Fame?

This year I heard few clubs in Pretoria aiming for the Top Club Award. This is one of the most prestigious awards received at the Hall of Fame. There are Area Awards, Club Awards and Member Awards like the Toastmaster of The Year Award.

Some members, clubs and areas have already started working towards being mentioned at the Hall of Fame at the RoyalCon in May 2020. This year, at OurCon, I saw members from Botswana dominating the stage at the Hall of Fame.

Will your name be called? Will your Area dominate the Hall of Fame? Will your country dominate the Hall of Fame?

It is not too late to start working towards being featured in the Hall of Fame.

Join SHARE-sion this Saturday, 30 November 2019 18:00 to learn more about the Hall of Fame.