District Director – Thank you #PeopleMakingHistory

One of the first ever Smedley Distinguished Districts in the world!

#PeopleMakingHistory, we made it! Despite the many changes in our organisation, you stood up and you put up a great performance. As a result of your work, we are expecting to end the year in our district with over 10% growth in our clubs (just under 220 clubs), over 10% growth in our number of members (4500+ members) and membership payments and a landmark 70% clubs distinguished (140 distinguished clubs) versus a previous best of 59%! Every level you completed, every guest you invited to join as a member of our community and every role you volunteered to serve in made the difference.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our Club & District Leaders, our District Coordinators, Club Coaches, Club Sponsors & Mentors, Club Emissaries and to you who participated and made Toastmasters in Southern Africa attractive to the world. Words are not enough to express my pride and gratitude for having been part of this star team and movement of #ProudToastmasters and #PeopleMakingHistory. I look forward to celebrating with you this achievement at the Hall of Fame Dinner on July 27.

Finally, I would like to thank you again for the faith you reposed in me as your leader, for the opportunity to serve you as your leader for the past 5 years and your support to me and my team. We have come a long way and there are many exciting opportunities in the near future. I would like to invite you to stay a part of our journey as we take #OneStepForward this new year. I hope you will be able to support our new leaders the same way you did for me.

Kind regards,

Frank Tsuro DTM
Outgoing District Director