District Director: What’s your bottom line like?

At the last Entrepreneurs club meeting, I was asked to give a speech on how you can increase your income (revenue/salary) through Toastmasters. We had some interesting dialogue on your reasons for joining ToastmastersThe opportunities available in Toastmasters to fulfill your reason; ensuring you have the right kind of support to achieve your objective  and ultimately How to convert that opportunity or skill gained into cash?

One of the members in the session in true Entrepreneurial fashion then remarked, “This is the question we should be constantly asking ourselves every week or 2. That question I will rephrase to How to increase your bottom line in Toastmasters because that is what will likely increase your income. 

We are fast approaching the end of the year. You set goals for the year last year in June/July of what you’d love to achieve this year off your membership. How have you fared? Are you on course to achieve all your goals? If you have achieved your goal already or are on course, congratulations! If not, it would mean the world to me if you took time to review your progress. If you need guidance, consider asking yourself questions from our dialogue at Entrepreneurs Club. 

Some common reasons that are standing between you and your next level of income were not having clarity on why you are a member, excuses and not having the right kind of support (club/mentor/orientation). Do these sound familiar?

Toastmasters is fantastic organisation that has changed the lives of many around the world. Many in my circles in Toastmasters are grateful for the privilege of Toastmasters but, still that is not enough to have Toastmasters be first, second, third.. priority! Does this warrant you therefore to consider how profitable Toastmasters is to you in whatever form (income, growth, fulfillment) if you are to survive in the organisation? 

I ask you today, What’s your bottom line like? Does it keep you or kick you out of Toastmasters?

Frank Tsuro, DTM

District Director