Do not lose momentum

There are just over 5 weeks till the end of this TM year.
2 things happened this morning I wish to share.

  1. I implemented a 5 week PwC drive to inspire members to meet their goals and speak at their meetings with TM presentations. The managers put their hands up and as of this week will include TM into their sessions. We are preparing great power point presentations.
  2. My own company where I did my Speechcraft for my DTM, wrote TMI a letter which blew my mind. It spoke to why they need Toastmasters, what the Speechcraft did for their staff and watching my growth why they feel absolutely any and everbody should be a Toastmaster.

You will hear a lot of excuses as to why people want to wait till after this C over and people too frantic/busy. I would say pause here. Now is the time more than ever to grow TM and especially in Corporate. The benefits are huge. It basically can assist a company to keep firing full throttle and upskilling and not lose momentum or close down.
My own company has seen an increase in sales (yes we are medical) during after the Speechcraft.

If you need assistance am a call away. It is not too late.
In this togetheršŸ’„šŸ’„šŸ’„