A few weeks ago our PRM, Enkromelle Andrew launched the #dontlockdownyourdreams  campaign.  
I am certainly not locking down my dreams or goals at all, in fact goals that are secondary and unfortunately get pushed to the back,  have surprising become a lot easier to meet in the last six weeks for me. I encourage you too to look at goals that you don’t have top of mind. I did and I have exceeded my own expectations in a few areas. 

  1. Exercise – I normally do a leisurely Pilates class three times a week, but the studios are closed and I’m not really feeling the love in an online class with an instructor who doesn’t know me. I try to walk at least 5000 steps a day too, but sometimes my computer enthralls me. Not so since the beginning of May, almost daily we are going out at 06h00 and often Imexceeding 10 000 steps a day  
  2. Travel – I love travelling and I’m saddened that its unlikely that I will be going to Europe for the European summer, but I have visited a number of countries that I have never been to over the past month or two. I went to Pakistan, China  & Saudi Arabia for the first time but I also visited Toastmasters clubs across Africa and am loving connecting with more people online 
  3. Save the World – In February I delivered a talk about what we can do to help save our environment and I suggested we should drive our vehicles less  & cycle more. Whilst I am missing you all & my friends dearly Im very glad that we are saving fuel & carbon emissions

I am hearing many goals that are being met by my friends and family, eating more healthy foods, drinking less alcohol, smoking less, reading more, going back to school, taking up gardening, sewing, knitting and reconnecting with family.
We have many challenges to overcome and times will be tough, but #dontlockdownyourgoals. Stay Positive and look for the good