The World Needs Me…

The COVID 19 amongst many other lessons, has shown us how interconnected we are. If we ever needed to see it, to believe it, we have now. We are all globally connected to each other and Its up to us, if we create globally vibrating connections of negative or positive energy, but what is apparent to me, is that, I need you. I need you healthy, I need you happy, I need succeeding, I need your passion, I need your creativity, I need your innovation, I need your positivity, I need your help. The world needs me, But I need you. I came across this phrase on my vision board, and it made more sense now, then it did when I put it up. When I put it up, I had only my efforts in mind, to answer to the call of my purpose in this world but also that the effort would take only my work but all that has changed, the vision has grown. I need you because the world Needs me.

I hope that we can be bold enough to be all that this time has taught us to be. When you courageously answer to your purpose, In authenticity and be everything you envisioned you will be, you are not just healing yourself, you are healing the world. The world needs me but I need you.

by Lungile Hlatshwayo