Editors Note – AHA Moments

Club officer training is done and dusted. It is always an opportunity to learn something new. Sometimes you have been hearing something for a while now and it only takes a different voice to have an aha moment. I love reading and sometimes I find myself reading three or four different books to satisfy different moods. If I pick a book that I read a year ago and read it again. I start wondering how did I miss such important information. The reason is simple; you have evolved and are able to appreciate the book more.

I managed to have some aha moments at Club Officer Training despite attending every training for the past five years as a participant and as a trainer. New faces, new perspectives, different approach, all you need to accompany you are an open mind. Maybe you feel like giving up on your club and other people’s stories inspire you. Sometimes all you need is one person in a club to have a dream and a strong belief. Their enthusiasm and energy is contagious and before you know it, you have a strong support system and things turn around for your club.

I would encourage you to invest time to actively participate in events where you get to meet different Toastmasters and experience AHA moments!

Linda Chimanikire DTM