Member Moment – Catapulted Career

I was first introduced to the concept of “The Law of Attraction” in my early college days. Simply put, the Law of Attraction is a principle that states that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life. It teaches us that if we focus on a particular thing, to as much as imagining ourselves walking in its realization, sooner or later the universe will conspire to make that a success – and usually it is in a way we have no idea nor control over. As of me, I am convinced that Toastmasters International is the conspiracy of the universe to advance my speaking career.

Over the years I have been seeing myself becoming a professional trainer and international speaker. The idea was even consolidated by a model of influence that I developed in my first book (which will be published soon) that I refer to as the 4 Levels of Horizontal Influence.

In the book I argue that influence is in two dimensions; Vertical and Horizontal. Vertical influence is in the way we touch and impact lives from generation to generation. Horizontal influence on the other side is how we touch the lives of those we have the opportunity to share a life span with – our own generation. And I categorized horizontal influence into 4 Levels namely: Intra- Personal Influence, Inter-Personal Influence, National Influence and Global Influence.

Before joining Toastmasters, my motivational writings had gone across the borders, but my speaking career, the area that I have always desired to advance, had not progressed that far. I have always wanted to attain the pinnacle of influence; Global influence – but I did not know how I could break the boundaries.

When I was introduced to Toastmasters less than a year ago, I had no idea how my speaking career would advance. I came to learn, simply because I was hungry for improvement. But to be honest I did not have any goals.

I quickly enrolled into Pathways and progressed as fast as I could. I was so excited. And I was doing very well. Ever since I joined Toastmasters I have witnessed a tremendous growth in my speaking skills. And my passion has also been fed well – and is fattening.

Then came the international speech contest. I honestly didn’t know what it was about. When it was first announced, though I qualified on paper, I did not have the confidence in my abilities. I didn’t think I could do it.

But that was until my Mentor Bob challenged me to enroll. It took a considerable amount of effort to convince me to join the contest, but nonetheless it was a successful plea. I contested at club level and won. Then I was told that I had to contest at area level. I was so nervous. I at times felt like withdrawing. I didn’t feel ready. But because my fellow Toastmasters were amazing at every stage, they kept encouraging me.

The area contest fast approached. And I drove to Lilongwe to present my speech. I gave it my all, and at the end I made it. I was Area H1 champion.

When I went back home, I was so excited. As I thought through it all, I realized something that I never thought of before. I had become an international speaker. I was going to the Republic of South Africa for the first time in my life – to speak. The universe had done it again; the door to influence nations was opened.

Every day as I think about the prospects of winning at the Division level to compete with more than ten other countries at the district level, I cannot help a smile. It is a dream come true – the universe is conspiring to make me a success; through Toastmasters International.

My career has been catapulted!

Benjamin A Mosiwa PL3

Blantyre Toastmasters Club Malawi