Editors Note – Toastmasters a way of life

Have you ever wondered what your life would have been like without Toastmasters? So many things happen to us in our lifetime, sometimes like dew on grass it evaporates and disappears and other times remains embedded in our lives like a deep scar that will never fade.

We go out there and share our stories with strangers and we never know the impact it has on their lives. During our meetings we share our vulnerable moments, laughter and embarrassing moments and even get upset with each other. We still don’t realise the impact of those moments.

A few years ago during a training session with Aletta Rochat DTM, she made us participate in an activity where we had to validate each other. It was a profound exercise and made me realise as I go about aiming to be the best Toastmaster in the world, I impact on other peoples lives.

When was the last time you validated one of your fellow Toastmasters?

It could be all that is needed to light the fire in a members life and help them progress and become better.