Did you know about The Toastmasters Promise?

She was shaking her head as she came back to her seat. A beautiful induction ceremony had just taken place and eight members had been inducted. She whispered to me ” That promise ummm I did not know about it” she looked visibly shaken.

I was taken aback as I realised that we take it for granted everyone is aware of  The Toastmasters Promise.This promise is found on the application form that all members sign and probably like me, they just browsed through it and didn’t think much about it. It is also found in all our manuals from the old programme on page 2 and on the Toastmasters website.

The Toastmasters Promise is a commitment to ourselves and our fellow club members in our journey of self development and self discovery.

Growing up I belonged to a “Brownies  Club” and each time we had  a meeting we had to say the pledge. To this day I can remember that Pledge.Perhaps we can find a way to constantly remind our members to reflect on the Toastmasters Promise.

Let us encourage more awareness of this Promise as it helps our progress and the quality of our club for our members.

Do you know the Toastmasters Promise?