Member Moments – Seeing through the eyes of an introvert

Why I joined Toastmasters?

There comes a time when you have to get out of the comfort zone, there comes a time when you have to unshackle the chains of fear that binds us. 2013 was that defining moment that I decided to confront my fears and get out of my comfort zone. As an introverted person, I sweated every time I was asked to speak. I dreaded public speaking and when I was forced to speak I would shake with nerves and my mind would just freeze. I stammered when delivering speeches. My belief then was that some people are born public speakers. I thought unfortunately I was not born with that innate skill of public speaking. This belief limited my career progression because my career demanded that I interface with clients.

It was a mammoth task to get out of the metaphoric cave, like a tortoise I remained covered in a shell. Toastmasters was the antidote that cured me of that disease. It gave me back my voice that was buried deep in my inner valley glades.

I joined Toastmasters to hone my speaking skills, to break the chains of fear that paralysed me and gain confidence. However I have been richly rewarded with more than what I bargained for. I have acquired leadership skills, feedback skills and time management skills. Furthermore, I have created strong networks that have impacted my life greatly. There is no other institution that offers such a plethora of skills except Toastmasters, it`s a calabash of knowledge, it`s a place where dreams come to fruition.

Why UWP Toastmasters Club?

After visiting 2 clubs in the Bryanston area, I visited UWP Toastmasters. I was warmly welcomed, it felt like a closely knit family, a home away from home. Immediately I made up my mind to join UWP Toastmasters. The committee members gave me tremendous support and encouragement. I immediately hit the ground running and got constructive feedback. This invigorated me to continue pushing and six months later I was incorporated into the Committee after the VPM resigned. I didn`t hesitate to grab the opportunity because I was thirsty for knowledge. In a short space of time I rose to become the President of  UWP and executed the role with unmatched passion. Ever since the day I made this earth-moving decision of joining UWP Toastmasters Club I have never looked back.

What I have learnt and advice?

Toastmasters is a revolutionary programme, once you join it there is paradigm shift, your mind is shifted and never to remain the same. I have kicked the fear that used to paralyse my inner being.

My voice is now liberated and is now an effective instrument. I no longer have crippling butterflies when delivering speeches.

All this is a testimony of the effectiveness of Toastmasters. Further Toastmasters assisted me to enhance and breathe life into my dead career. Last year I took a deliberate decision to start a company that offers recruitment and training services. This was impossible before I joined Toastmasters but the self-belief encouraged me to start a company.

I call upon those among us who yearn to unleash their potential, those who yearn to liberate their voices and those who yearn to hone their leadership skills to pursue this noble programme. It`s time to partake from this calabash of knowledge and expand your horizon. Toastmasters is the answer to self-development. It`s indeed an institution “Where leaders are made”.

Enias Chingwe

H2 Area Director