Mentor Moments – “The Boss Lady”

During the 44 months I have been a member of Toastmasters, I have met inspiring Toastmasters who have helped me to chart and navigate my leadership and communication journey.

One such Toastmaster is a beautiful lady who I affectionately call “The Boss Lady”- Nikki Quinn.

I first met Nikki at our Division Z Club Officer Training, where she encouraged members to take up opportunities to serve as leaders. I decided to take her up on her offer by serving in the District 74 Program Quality Team.

The only challenge was that I was like that young man, who knows the directions, but does not know how to drive the vehicle.

Fortunately I have had a wonderful Mentor in Nikki.

Two valuable lessons I have learnt and continue to learn from The Boss Lady are that;

1. Never wait for perfect conditions

If you want to get anything accomplished do not wait until you have enough money, skills or resources, instead go after your goals. When we started assignments on Education Awards I was all up in smoke, but as the months have progressed and with the guidance from Nikki I have been able to develop new skills and the understanding that limitations and obstacles are those things you see when you take your eyes of the goal.

2. Ask

When you are not sure about something or need assistance to accomplish an assignment The Boss Lady always says Ask, there is always someone who has an answer or a solution.

A few months back my tech devices crashed, I was gutted as this affected my role in the Programme Quality Team… no guesses who came to the rescue. If you are one of those ‘I can do it on my own types’, always remember if you don’t  Ask, the answer will always be NO.


Tendai David Muranganwa, ACS, ALB.
Educational Coordinator 2018- 19.