Leadership opportunities – Coming out of the shell

My name is Olivia  Mwamba. I joined toastmasters in 2016. Toastmasters has become part of my daily routine. The club members were welcoming and made me feel at home.

Toastmasters has helped me come out of my shell and embrace everything I ever dreamt of becoming.

I dreamt of being a leader, a life coach and mentor, and by being a member of  Toastmasters I have started on my journey.

I have served as the Vice President Public Relations. This allowed me to creatively publicise our club and network with different people. I am now the current Vice President Membership. I have to convince and persuade people to pay their membership fees. These skills I have learnt as a result of taking up leadership opportunities in  Toastmasters. I have gained confidence and my public speaking skills have improved.

Being raised by a single parent is not and will never be easy, it has a lot of challenges that range from self-esteem issues to not really knowing a father’s love (in my case). This has allowed me to fly above those issues and has turned what was supposed to be weakness into strength. I don’t wish away the scars of my life but I proudly embrace them because out of them lays who Olivia is today –

a strong, determined, focused and God fearing young woman, who strongly believes that the sky is just a foundation and not the limit.

I would like to encourage you to participate fully and take advantage of the opportunities offered by Toastmasters. Other people will start noticing how you have changed before you appreciate the changes that have taken place within you. Toastmasters is a way of life!

Olivia Mwamba

ZCAS Toastmasters Club Zambia