From the District Director

I am writing to you from the 87th Annual Toastmasters International Convention, a meet up of over 3000 members Toastmasters from across the world. More than this, the convention is a celebration of what we offer in Toastmasters. During this event we will be electing our new Board of Directors and also crowning the World Champion of Public Speaking. We have great hopes of bringing the trophy back home! One common thing about all the marvelous members I have had an opportunity to meet began their journey like you with their icebreaker or leadership assignment.

Toastmasters prepares us for many personal and professional assignments that we can think of. I’d like to encourage you to pick your lane and leverage of this wonderful programme and support available to you to go out there and change the world, one speech at a time.

As you receive your invoice for your membership renewal, be the first to settle it. Pay to play! Have uninterrupted stage-time and make use of the vast resources at your disposal, like a #ProudToastmaster among #PeopleMakingHistory