A Special Message – Get in the game

Get in the Game – Be a club where people make history

I don’t know about you, but I work hard to earn my money and my time is precious to me. If I pay someone money, I expect excellent customer service. I want to know that my time and money have been well spent.

That is as true when I am going to the hairdresser as it is when I pay my dues to my Toastmasters club. When I first attended a meeting at Cape Town Toastmasters, I was in awe of the speakers and evaluators. I wanted to learn to be as articulate and confident as they were. Little did I know that this club was one of the most successful in the district.

One of the things they do well is to pay their dues on time. As a member of a Presidents Distinguished Club, I need to play my part. My on-time dues payment is an investment in myself and in my fellow club members. Paying my dues and being an active member have led to extraordinary returns in my life. Through my Toastmasters membership, I have grown in confidence and now run my own business and am an author.

This year, in D74, we are #peoplemakinghistory. Your Club Growth team, under the leadership of Merryl Jubber, has made history by reaching a record-breaking total of 205 clubs as of today! This means that there are 205 clubs, just like yours, who want to deliver extraordinary value to their members. To be recognised as a Distinguished District or better, we need every member to pay their dues. Our success as a district is directly linked to your success as a club. Together, we are people making history!

If you want to be a club that is a member magnet, give extraordinary customer service. One of the ways you do this is to pay your dues on time. This allows your members to participate and make progress. Your club is where someone will be making history. Get in the game – pay your dues on time – be a club where people make history!

Aletta Rochat DTM
ILC Nominated Candidate for R11 International Director
Past Region Advisor, 2016 – 2018