Getting comfortable with being Uncomfortable

It’s funny how we stereotype ourselves and others. I tell people that I am loner…in my world that means I am a boring person. I love people, I enjoy being around others and I believe I am sociable. How does that translate to being a loner. Anyway what I am trying to say is I am scared of social media. I tried facebook, twitter and even LinkedIn and each time I post I feel everyone can read that I am scared and uncomfortable and second guessing myself. My time in Toastmasters has made me more comfortable in front of an audience than on social media.

Annual Toastmasters day presented me with a challenge…how was I going to participate? I always wear my badge and always share my story #proudtoastmaster to whoever cares to listen. I asked one of the millennials to help me put Benefits of Toastmasters on my WhatsApp status and anxiously waited with abated breath for anyone, somebody to acknowledge…after 30 minutes I gave up.Let us just say I was scared of  becoming dehydrated judging by the amount of sweat I was producing.

Later, I was pleasantly surprised at the number of people who asked me about Toastmasters and how you join. Even those I  had long given up on sent me messages even if it was just to reconnect with me. The best response was from my doctor who always makes fun of me about my addiction to Toastmasters. He is joining my club!Social media works and I might just get comfortable being uncomfortable thanks to Toastmasters.

Linda Chimanikire, DTM

On A Point Editor