“Bring it on!” – From the District Director

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity of sitting in a Toastmasters networking lunch after Club Officer Training. A very enthusiastic Club Treasurer decided to use this opulent opportunity to warn members at the table that they would be receiving their invoice for semi-annual dues in the week. One member shouted, “Bring it on, Toastmasters gave me my job and this has guaranteed my dues for the next 20 years.”

Upon further investigation this gentlemen shared how he had been mentored for an interview that landed him his job. Mentors give us direction hereby accelerating our growth. When I look at my trajectory in Toastmasters, this would not have been possible without the many mentors on my journey. They have helped me glean more value than I could’ve ever imagined.

Do you know why you are a member? Are you maximising the value of your membership? With a mentor on your journey, the Yes to these questions is more emphatic. I say openly to my Club Treasurer, bring it on, the value I have gotten out of my membership guarantees my dues for the next 50 years.


Frank Tsuro, DTM

District Director