I’m going to Malaysia!

LOL I know this title looks crazy considering COVID 19 and the global freeze we are experiencing and the fears of travel that we have accumulated over this time. I do however want to share this story

3 weeks back, I hosted a virtual meeting for Authors. As you know the perks of the current situation is that our networks have grown limitless, we have easy access to each other global ( I love it). For this meeting, I engaged a main speaker for this meeting who is a high profile gentleman in Malaysia who I was referred. He was so kind and willing to help, it was a complete pleasure working with him. At the end of the event, he praised us for a successful meeting and we have continues talking since.

Now just to give context, this man is referred to by the term “Datuk” in the UK which means “Sire” he holds 2 Phd’s and is business owner of 3 highly successful companies in Malaysia. After a couple of days, long conversations with this man about business and life, He was particularly sharing the nature of his work and business ethics in Malaysia. It hit me!!! while doing my vision board, I had looked so hard for a picture of picture of New York to envision business that i’m going to be doing abroad, I was very adamant on the big apple, it demonstrated business for me. anyway, eventually I used a picture of Malaysia buildings that I can across and decided, the picture of the Malysia building would demonstrate, that I am going to make business all around the world! Then it hit me, by being in conversation with Sir John Lau, I am already in progress and making money around the world.

Maybe Later but sometime, I am going to Malaysia for Business. Thankful for my Vision Board, If I didn’t have it, I wouldn’t have known that I am taking action to fulfilling my goal!!! I’m going to Malaysia for Business!! I envisioned it and so it shall become. Envision your life, your goals as if they have already been achieved and who knows! we might be on the same flight to malaysia! Stay inspired and see you at the top!

Lungile Hlatshwayo