Is your club meeting your needs?

Is your Club meeting your needs?

When you joined Toastmasters you joined for a reason, you had a goal in mind. How close are you to achieving your goals? With most clubs moving to an on-line meeting platform you have more opportunities now to achieve those goals. You are able to join club meetings all over the District to stay engaged and achieve your goals during this lock down. Make sure that your Club Exco knows what your goals are so they can help you achieve them.

Reach out to people that you know who may be in this lock down on their own or  perhaps they need to be motivated or inspired and invite them to attend a meeting. Each meeting has speakers who motivate, inspire or inform and a fun table topics session, this may help people get through this trying time.

As the Toastmaster Community let’s all be a Beacon of Light for our fellow members and our communities at large.

Below is a link with loads of information for both members and the Exco members:-

Congratulations to the following Clubs have been meeting their members needs during this Toastmaster year and as such have already achieved Distinguished or better status.

Central Centurion Toastmasters Club                        Centurion Breakfast
Forum Toastmasters                                                      Winelands Toastmasters Club
President Club                                                                Pretoria 2000 Club
Totius Masters                                                                Walvis Bay Toastmasters
The Breakfast Club                                                        Algoa Club
Lilongwe Club                                                                Deloitte Waterfall
Maputo Toastmasters Club                                          Kula Toastmasters Club
Bedfordview Toastmasters Club                                 Nedbank Club
Pietermaritzburg Toastmasters Club                         Kloof Toastmasters Business Club
Highway Club                                                                 Executive Club
Zenith Advanced Club                                                   Eagles Toastmasters 
Elevation Toastmasters
I look forward to congratulating your Club when it achieves Distinguished or better status once the membership dues are paid and the Distinguished Club Programme goals are met.

I wish you all the best as you continue your Toastmaster Journey.

If you have any questions or need any support with meeting your Clubs’ goals, paying semi-annual dues or achieving your own goals, please remember that I am only an email, WhatsApp or phone call away

By Merryl Jubber