Club Experience – It’s Today!


WHY TODAY? The car was buzzing with chatter and excitement, then one statement from a young middle-aged man, abruptly silenced the group when he said;

I became free of debt because of Toastmasters! He went on to share his journey of how he became overwhelmed by debt and was drinking even to try and numb the pain caused by the mess and difficulties. He became a Toastmaster because of the culture of caring in our club.

Then gained courage to speak to a seasoned Toastmaster close to being awarded a DTM, also an accounting officer in her private capacity, about his finances. She helped him with a financial plan that was manageable and his debt free journey began. If you are stressed and are feeling overwhelmed because of your debt issues, hire chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer who will help you file bankruptcy and help you solve your financial crisis. Being a Toastmaster also helped him with his personal growth and he realised that the drinking habit posed a huge obstacles to his personal progress. This is just one of many of our success stories that can also happen in your club TODAY, when Toastmasters don’t drop off along the way, but persevere as seasoned Toastmasters to achieve DTM and impact people’s lives along the way!

Why today? Everyday a Toastmaster can impact lives, and EVERYDAY the more seasoned a Toastmaster you are, the bigger the potential impact you can have, remembering that every day starts with TODAY!

WHY DOES TODAY MATTER? Statistics reveal that only 1% of Toastmasters finish their education as seasoned Toastmasters to the level of DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster). Swakopmund is a very small coastal town in the oldest desert, in the Population per Density, the 3rd least populated country in the world, yet TODAY #PeopleMakingHistory because we are well on our way to helping Toastmasters achieve the coveted status of DTM with a total of 7 DTMs. As a result of these proactive people, practising TODAY, a culture of caring, we have just managed to give “birth” to a new club in a neighbouring town, Walvis Bay Toastmasters, through the efforts of the DTMs and those in the making; doing TODAY whatever can be done TODAY, absolutely people of action and passion! Just imagine how we can grow people’s communication and leadership skills, consistently and exponentially because of what we do today, TODAY MATTERS!

TODAY I am a #ProudToastmaster to be able to be part of the team of #PeopleMakingHistory and to share my skills as a DTM and energy as a team player.

However, I need to add perspective here. Your really only get out what you are prepared to put in. The people in our club that have done the most and are always active as #PeopleMakingHistory, are either one of those seasoned Toastmasters well on their way to earning their DTMs or it’s a member they have inspired that has started to do more.

Although TODAY Monika von Wietersheim, the Area Director elect, and myself (Granny Be) are the only Charter members of our club (June 2010) left, yet we were so blessed to still be actively involved in the Chartering of the new club. All the other precious team players (one just moved to New Zeeland yet stayed ACTIVE) have been so inspired by our Division Director Lynne Geevers and District Director Frank Tsuro’s commitment in their TODAY responses and TODAY encouragements!

IT’S TODAY, IT’S TODAY! Is the opening phrase of George Little, about 6 years old, as he enthusiastically comes running into his parent’s room with an infectious excitement of the arrival of the day, as he had much anticipation for the day. That excitement resonated with me and since then, I love to use that phrase. I acknowledge that the excitement and energy that is constantly oozing out from me is as a result of the LIFE of God in me. Hence I refuse to do tomorrow what can be done TODAY. The same way a Toastmaster came out of debt and stopped drinking, a dynamic team chartered a new club, because they did it TODAY. IT’S TODAY, IT’S TODAY!

Granny Be DTM

Swakopmund Toastmasters Club Namibia