Leadership Opportunities – Club Officer Training

I can think of 10 good reasons why I have attended COT twice a year since 2008! Can you think of any reason why you should not ? Even if you are not a club officer, this is your opportunity to pick and choose which leadership role you want to take up in future.

Keep your eye out for YOUR invitation to COT in YOUR Division. COT2 starts in Lusaka Zambia on the 19th January,

Here are 10 reasons :

10 – help your club & your members achieve their goals

9 – provide you the tools and resources to be successful.

8 – You become part of your group of peers, which is now your support group.

7 – You gain new ideas, and offer your ideas to others.

6 – You gain confidence in your role and being part of a leadership team.

5 – Offers variety that your home club can learn from

4 – Network with Toastmasters & professionals who you could develop business opportunities with

3 – Helps you improve your club experience

2 – Helps you build and develop your personal brand amongst fellow leaders

1 – Reignites your passion for Toastmasters

Nikki Quinn DTM

Programme Quality Director