Did you know there is a recipe for Time?

As a new year is upon us … sometimes we wonder : where is the time I need ?

“I just need the time …” she said (to do the things she wanted to do)

“I can help you make time” he said …

“What is the recipe to make time” he pondered ?

(1) One spoon of Prioritization

Learn to say no

Don’t take on more than you can handle

Don’t take on tasks that aren’t aligned with your priorities

Spend your time on what you want to spend your time on

(2) An instance … or two … of being Present

Learn to be present

To focus

So you can complete what you start … and hopefully take some enjoyment from the experience

So you enjoy spending your time on what you want to spend your time on

(3) Some moments of Exercise

Exercise (in your own way) regularly

This increases your energy, sharpens your focus and helps maximize your productivity

So you get more out of your time

(4) A handful of Delegation

Learn to delegate … you dont have to do it all …

It doesn’t have to all be done by you …

Done is better than perfect …

You alone can do it but you cannot do it alone …

If you want to travel fast, travel alone. If you want to travel far, travel together (African Proverb)

That is the essential ingredient of how you make time: It requires that you are organised, communicate clearly, recruit effective teams and work with people who are sometimes more capable than you in certain areas

So you have more time to spend

I wish you more time … in your year ahead

Paul Jensen DTM