Member Moment – Ticking the missing box





These are all the boxes that l ticked and still it was not enough. Now one might think, hmmmm…… why would an outgoing and talkative (usually loud) person have any problems in asserting and articulating themselves especially when it comes to getting their point across? Well, this was something l battled with for quite some time especially in formal settings.

Fortunately, l came across the Gaborone Toastmasters Facebook page on the 15th June 2018 to be exact, a lively page with a strong message that read “dedicated to helping members improve their speaking skills in a friendly and supportive environment”.

And l thought to myself BINGO!!!! This is what l have been looking for. From the moment l attended my first meeting at Gaborone Breakfast Club it has been a delightful experience, filled with so much growth formed in a supportive community.

Being a part of Toastmasters has taught me that when it comes to personal development there is no prejudice. We are all from different backgrounds and have varying personalities but in essence we yearn to master the art of Public Speaking. The beauty about Toastmasters is that which ever program you undertake, it is tailor made to suite your areas of growth. I happen to be identified as a Dynamic Leader! Who knew? With every activity l learn something new and l always apply these lessons to other aspects of my life, which is already helping me immensely.

I hope that whoever can relate to my story, takes away the fact that being a part of Toastmasters is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. I have been growing stride by stride in the 6 months I have been a member. l have engaged openly and confidently in formal settings through the skills l have learnt and keep learning in Toastmasters. Of course not forgetting l have now acquired two awards from completing my level 1&2 Dynamic Leadership Pathways.

So go ahead take the plunge and join Toastmasters!

Gape Masole

Gaborone Toastmasters Club