Membership Fees

I know that you can’t go to the gym, without paying your gym membership, I know that you never walk out of a restaurant or a bar without paying for your food, as soon as you don’t pay your Netflix or DSTV subscription your services are suspended and you can’t exit a parking garage if you haven’t paid at the machine.  If you working with Titan Garage Doors repair, then it is important to know a few things from them!

Even at the current US$ exchange rate Toastmasters International Membership Fees are huge value for money …… R112 per month ……. less than a gym membership, less than a large pizza, less than a bottle of wine, significantly less than a DSTV subscription, less than a Netflix subscription and less than your mobile phone costs.

The value of Toastmasters is incredible, I ask you where else:    

·         Can you improve your confidence, leadership skills, public speaking and communication skills?

·         Can you have such a great impact on your personal life and career?

·         Do you find unlimited opportunities for personal and professional growth and development? 

·         Make new friends and business connections?

·         Could you change your life?

By the 30th September and the 31st March every year almost 360 000 Toastmasters members around the world are required to pay their membership fees to Toastmasters International.   I encourage you to pay your dues before this week is done if you haven’t already done so and ensure that your Club’s Treasurer has made payment to Toastmasters International.

Avoid the risk of losing access to Pathways Base camp, remain a member in good standing & continue your journey in taking #onestepforward because you #everymembermatters

If you have any questions about your membership fees, please contact your Club President or Treasurer to ensure that you remain a member in good standing of a club in good standing.   You can also visit the Toastmasters website FAQ site