My Mentor – Mr Fantastic

This is Mr. Fantastic… Garth Thomson (CC, ALB)

How I got hooked to Toastmasters!

Tell me about your favourite soccer team? I think that was the question I asked Mr. Fantastic as he was giving his educational to a group of new consultants with an internationally recognized Management Consultant company.
I think he responded by saying “Liverpool!” and  shared a story in two minutes (a table topic) about his favourite soccer team.

How did Garth help me?

I started Toastmasters in November 2016, a couple of months after joining an internationally recognized Management Consulting Company.

The then President Mr. Fantastic saw something in me, I’m yet to find out what it is. Garth Thomson took it upon himself to show me how things worked within  Toastmasters. He also encouraged me to make Toastmasters what I want it to be for me. He furthermore believed in me and prompted that I do my best within Toastmasters and outside of Toastmasters.

He’s shown me the portal of stepping into the greatest version of myself through sharing a speech, being a grammarian, or Toastmaster amongst other roles within the fraternity.

Garth didn’t necessarily help me with writing my speeches, yet in more than million ways, he was found within my speeches. With every role I performed, he was there and provided guidance in a fantastic quirky way.

What makes him special?

He has been an invaluable asset to me, and a leader within the Toastmasters fraternity. He has now become more than a mentor. He has turned into a friend, encourager and “the one who thinks of Marcus when he wants to do something SPECTACULAR within Toastmasters.”

What did I learn?

In my Toastmasters journey, I have learnt to fully embrace and embody the quote by Marianne Williamson about “Our deepest fears…”! I literally embodied it by getting a tattoo on my left arm to remind me of the quote (yes seriously!).
He’s done so much for me through Toastmasters and he’ll forever be a CC10 speech I share with my friends, family and future children. I’ll forever be a Toastmaster and forever be thankful to Mr. Fantastic the “ex Liverpool fan “!.

Matimu Marcus Manganyi (CC)

Deloitte Siyakhuluma Toastmasters Club