On A Point – Life Edition

14 December 2017

Issue # 361


On A Point – Toastmasters Southern Africa – District Newsletter

Editor’s Note

Dear Members of District 74,

Wow, 2017 is nearing an end! What a life enriching year we had in our lively District 74! My life has been transformed in ways I could not have imagined before accepting the call of being On A Point Editor. I processed life empowering articles from people full of life who are doing amazing things in their lives.

I wish you all a blessed Christmas break untill we chat again in 2018.

Kind regards,

Gerson Veundja Kamatuka, DTM – On A Point Editor

Can you afford not to?

Over the last few weeks I have had the privilege of contacting members who had chosen not to renew their membership to ask why?

Many of these members cited time issues as the reason they were not renewing their membership.

Toastmasters, more than any book or workshop on Time Management, has taught me how to manage my time effectively. You may ask how is that possible?

Frank Tsuro DTM, our PQD, often says that you can never learn how to swim by reading a book. Well, time management is the same. I have used Toastmasters as a living laboratory to test out theories, methodologies and suggestions of time management. Failing a lot of the time but ultimately discovering what techniques work for me.

Wouldn’t you rather use a technique and fail in the safety of your Toastmasters Club than in your professional career?

So next time your life is hectic and you think about leaving Toastmasters, please think again and realise that your life can’t afford to be without Toastmasters.

Merryl Jubber, DTM – PR Manager

George captured in lively TSN Take-Over!

“I just heard singing and a rumbling in the passage and thought maybe it was students protesting for #FeesMustFall or something…” said Zongezile Qeba, Toastmaster at the Wits Business School (WBS) meeting which took place on Tuesday 28 November.

This is because, The Social Network Toastmasters (TSN) had just arrived to capture George (the Gavel).  But, there was a twist – we arrived to find Sages Toastmasters Club seated comfortably, ready to start the meeting they had taken over – or so they thought.

Nothing quite compared to the look on Grant Senzani’s face when President of TSN, Zoya Mabuto, took her place in the front and asked WBS President, Ntsundeni Ndou to take his seat, as TSN had now taken over the meeting. Soon the mayhem and chaos of changing programmes, was replaced by liveliness and great fun.

Audrey Hepbrun says “the most important thing is to enjoy your life- to be happy – it’s all that matters!”

Even though Sages did have to lick their wounds as TSN captured George, all thoroughly enjoyed that meeting in the spirit of fun and learning and certainly, LIVING!

If you want to capture George, then come to TSN! For more info, visit our FB page, The Social Network Toastmasters.

Zoya Mabuto, CC – President: The Social Network (TSN) Toastmasters Club

The impact of Toastmasters on my Life!

Five years ago, I joined Transformers’ Toastmasters. My guest visits convinced me that I would benefit from impromptu speaking in the Table Topics sessions. This was necessary as I was doing a fair number of radio and television interviews for Earthlife Africa Johannesburg.

I realised the benefits increasingly, for which I was very grateful.

In the new Toastmaster’s year, I took on the role of VPE and attended COT. To say that I was all at sea was an understatement!

However, I learnt a lot in that year and completed my CC manual as well as my CL. The following year, I became the club’s President.

This proved to be an amazing growth experience. I started going to the meetings of other clubs and finding out how they operated. This gave me ideas to improve how my home club was working and discussed, with the rest of the committee, how we might implement them.

I became an Area Director next and pursued my Advanced Communicator and Leader goals. Earlier this year, I attained my DTM. Getting there was a stretch that I had not anticipated!

Now I have new challenges – Emissary for starters and completing my CC and CL again. And being a TLI trainer is my ambition as well! I thank Keith Bowen, JP Gernaat and the late Mary Byrne for their support on this journey, amongst the many other experienced Toastmasters who supported and encouraged me.


In addition, the wonderful young people joining and energising TM District 74 inspire me. They are stars of note. These include the Tsuros, Lazola, the Njabulos, Thando Cofu – I can go on and on. Amazing wonderful people, we are growing and glowing as we embrace these vibrant people. It is so exciting


Judith Taylor, DTM – Pathways Ambassador

Mission Go Get George!

With Zimbabwe citizens wanting change, Wits Business school (WBS) Toastmasters club embarked on a courageous mission Go Get George (GGG) and bring George to Division Lit. George gets to travel across District 74 of Toastmasters International (Southern Africa) club, with the aim of promoting inter-club visits. To get George, 4 members from the visiting club should be present.

George was at the Gold Reef City Club, a well organised and welcoming club. On 21 November 2017, WBS club executed a takeover meeting at to Gold Reef City club on mission GGG. WBS, with members from Nedbank, KPMG, Rosebank and TSN, brought the Div Lit spirit and fuelled the fire at Gold Reef City.

Mukovhe Rangwaneni, one of the WBS members who joined earlier this year delivered her CC10 in style on the night. She was voted the best speaker on the night in what was her first speech outside the WBS club.

Though Gold Reef City was sad to see George leave, they expressed how they enjoyed being captured by WBS and how the energy WBS brought with them will remain with the club. The experience was amazing. Mission Go Get George was a success.

Mukovhe Fortunate Rangwaneni, CC – Seargent at Arms: Wits Business School Toastmasters Club

A Toastmaster’s Life!

L – Love for Development -I – Initiative and Interaction -F- Fire -E – Excitement, Energy and Excellence

The above explains my life as a Toastmaster.

I love speaking and having been an avid public speaker since varsity.  I thought I do not have much to learn (Silly me!!). I was surprised at how much I needed to and could diligently learn from an organized club like Toastmasters International. Since 2014, I have learnt how not to use filler words like Ahh.’s and Umm’s while delivering a speech. Time management, getting to the point, inspiring an audience, speaking to entertain or selling a product persuasively – these are only a few of all that I have benefitted from being a Toastmaster. This has helped me as a businesswoman and an entrepreneur as well.   

Above all Toastmasters are like a family in Botswana where people pitch in for each other with mutual respect, friendliness and comradeship. I have made friends and mentors who I can draw support and guidance from for life – through this wonderful platform.

Ruth Samuel, ACS, ALB – Area L6 Director

Life in unchartered waters!

I joined toastmasters at a time when personal development was very high on my list of priorities. The ability to learn and grow whilst having fun is what I was sold by Division Lit. The Lit WBS Toastmasters club has delivered on the promise.

I saw the greatest growth when I started participating in activities beyond my club, such as organizing COT, contests and cross border club visits. The ability to learn from other toastmasters and clubs has been a great benefit. This has fuelled my own courage to try new things.

Taking on new (uncharted) challenges has epitomized my life as Toastmasters. Raising your hand to do something you have never done before – although scary and uncertain – is the greatest way to get a life changing experience.

Senate Leeuw, CC, ALB – Area L4 Director

An 82-year-young Life!

My 82-year-young father often says that talking is life, he says that if you are not talking you are dying.  For a long time, while growing up, I never really understood what he meant by this, and so recently I asked him to elaborate. 

He explained that, “everything we see in life, even the physical objects, are functions of thought and speech. While most assume that thought precedes speech, in a great deal of cases speech precedes thought.  This is because most of the times our thoughts are clogged and stressed and it is through speech that we allow our thoughts to be truly creative.”

Just like meaning is not in words but in people, the meaning of life is in the speeches, the thoughts and the actions we make every second.

So, when I am asked what we do at Toastmasters, I simply say we create the life you live, lead and see everyday. 

Lazola Bele, DTM – Treasurer: The Social Network Toastmasters Club

Life as a Toastie!

In 2014 some friends of mine visited Gaborone Toastmasters club, they liked it and decided to invite me.

At that time I felt I wasn’t living my life to the fullest, there was something missing. I honored the invite and I was hooked. Toastmasters was the missing piece in my life.

As my journey began, my confidence was pumped up every time I took part in meetings. I gave Toastmasters my time and effort and I learnt more about people and how to motivate and lead.

I am more bold and willing to take chances in life because I’m continually building myself, my days are worth living now more than ever because I found my purpose through Toastmasters.

Bobo Baleseng Thobane, ACS, ALB – Area L1 Director

What is the meaning of life to a club member or club?

The answer is subjective.

My meaning of life as a club member is like that of a human being, I need to have a pulse. I need to be inhaling and exhaling. As a member, I need to benefit (inhale) from my club and I also need to contribute (exhale) to the club.

I would like to commend the following members who participated regularly in their clubs and followed through on their goals. These members registered three or more awards in the first quarter, July to September 2017.

Vivien Boddy

Gina Roper

Njabulo Nkosi

Nomvula Ngongoma

Michael Shackleton 

Harold Thomson

Do you still have a pulse? Finish 2017 strong and map out your plan for January to June 2018. Keep participating and playing an active role in your club, register those awards and meet your goals.

Zivai Matondo, CC, ALB – Club Fitness Rewards Coordinator

A Life of purpose fulfilled through Toastmasters!

In October 2013 when I joined Transnet Trailblazers, I didn’t fully comprehend that being a Toastmaster is part of fulfilling my life’s purpose.

I strongly believe that I have predestined to live a life of purpose where I impact people’s lives positively through words and actions. When I was 10 years old I was hit by a taxi and my self-esteem and confidence was bruised but my involvement in Toastmasters has significantly helped in restoring these two aspects of my character.

I recently had my first TV interview on the 2nd November 2017, with the South African SABC 1 Expressions show and it made me realise the profound importance of impromptu speaking in Toastmasters.


Lubabalo Tybosch, CC, ALB – VPPR: Transnet Trailblazers Toastmasters Club