On A Point – Trademark Edition

12 October 2017

Issue # 357

On A Point – Toastmasters Southern Africa – District Newsletter

Editor’s Note

Dear Members of District 74,

I have developed certain trademarks that define me as a person and as a professional. Some of you may know me for my colourful socks, expensive suits and bright shoes. Others may know me for being highly reliable and consistent in whatever I have committed to do. Still others may know me as always bouncing back, no matter what adversities I face in my life. I am also known for being adventorous and living life to the fullest, taking it one day at a time.

As we celebrate educational awards, treasurer’s excellence, top clubs and prepare to rollout Pathways, I urge you to explore and clearly define your trademarks and use them to inspire anyone in your sphere of influence, especially your toastmasters colleagues!

Kind regards,

Gerson Veundja Kamatuka, DTM – On A Point Editor

What kind of pizza does your club serve?

Some time ago I attended a training session with Annien Smith, DTM and what she said has always stuck with me as well as inspired me.

Every pizza you get has three ingredients – dough, cheese and a tomato base. Each Toastmaster Club has three ingredients – speeches, evaluations and table topics.

But what is your trademark? Does your club serve plain margarita pizza, more traditional pizza or gourmet pizza?

Although there is nothing wrong with a margarita pizza, people are far more excited at the prospect of a gourmet pizza and will come back for more.

What could your club do that would turn your margarita pizza into a gourmet pizza?

I visit many clubs and from the minute I step into the club I know whether that club has the trademark of the gourmet pizza. The gourmet pizza clubs are welcoming, have a guest pack, the room is set up in a professional manner, the agenda has 3-5 speeches and a theme that is woven into the meeting with an air of high energy, commitment and passion.

So what can you do to ensure that your trademark as a club is a club that serves up a “gourmet pizza” Toastmaster meeting?

You need to add sizzle to your meetings, try different things on your agenda. Make sure that each meeting has something a little different on the agenda to spice up the programme.

​Create a “gourmet pizza” club!


Merryl Jubber, DTM – PR Manager

Trademarks of a Top Club!

Highway Toastmasters won Top Club in District D74 for the 2016/2017 year.  What a proud moment for us!!  So what are the “Trademarks” of our club?. How do we brand ourselves?

1.     We focus on serving and supporting the growth of our members.

2.     We host events, not meetings.

3.     We hold at least 2 events a month, and often more.

4.     We have guests at every event.

5.     We have an action plan for the year.

Do you want your Club to be a Top Club?  Simply introduce these Trademarks for greater success than you ever imagined!

Alison Lilly, ACB, ALB – Immediate Past President: Highway Toastmasters Club

Celebrating trademark success!

Congratulations to the following Clubs that achieved the Treasurer’s Excellence Award. This is often a trademark achievement for clubs that are delivering exceptional value to their members. Join me in congratulating the following clubs:

4th Dimension
ABSA Sundowners
Diplomatic Corps
Executive Club
Florida Club
Forum Toastmasters
Golden Gavel Advanced Club
Grant Thornton Botswana
Highway Toastmasters
IST Toastmasters
Kloof Toastmasters
Kula Toastmasters
MAN Automotive
Midrand Club
Old Mutual
Pretoria 2000 Club
Pretoria East

Pretoria Ladies Club
Republikan Toastmasters
Rosebank Breakfast Club
Sandton Toastmasters
Taverners Club
The Grove Club
Two Oceans

Village Toastmasters

Winelands Toastmasters Club

These clubs received a Club Fitness Rewards voucher for R250 which can be used towards purchasing stock from our local stock custodian or towards the May conference fees.

It is possible that this list is not conclusive as there are some clubs that submitted their payments by the 20th including new members with a start date of 1 October. If your club is one of them and is not on the list, please send me proof of payment for all 20 members by 20 September for credit as we have no easy way of tracking this.

You can contact me on clubfitness@toastmasters74.org if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Zivai Matondo – Club Fitness Rewards Coordinator

Copyright subsists on this article…!


My name is Juel. I am a trademark attorney. I am also a member of Toastmasters International – which is a trademarked organisation. I’m a keen runner, a less keen cyclist and exactly the kind of person you want to have around when you need things done – fast! Patently, I am a unique combination of many traits – I certainly leave my mark!

In legal terms, a trademark consists of any sign that is capable of being represented graphically in any configuration.

Trademarks are classified into 45 different classes.

Our personal trademarks comprise our name, our reputation, our profession, our social situations, what we like, what we don’t like, our birth order, how we give orders, how we take orders….

We are ‘our own special creations’ (Shirley Bassey).

As a trademark attorney, I often advise clients to seek assistance from an intellectual property (IP) attorney to register their valuable IP (trade mark, patent and design). Trademark rights are territorial, and there is no such thing as a “worldwide” trade mark registration.

Juel Barnett, CC – Secretary / Treasurer: Rivonia Toastmasters Club

Welcome to the team…!


This is an exciting time for us as Toastmasters as we are rolling out a new and ground breaking educational program, Pathways. Pathways will be the new educational Trademark for Toastmasters International.
Pathways will launch in District 74 tentatively in March 2018. To help out with the smooth roll out of this program in our district, please welcome our Chief Pathways Guide Frances Fraser, DTM, PDG.
Frances has been a member of Toastmasters for more than 14 years. She says that “each year provides new, unexpected opportunities to learn and to contribute.”  She served as District Governor in 2013/2014 and in different roles in District leadership for the four years prior. In this time she was instrumental in contributing to the District attaining Distinguished status for several years in a row. Frances is passionate about people and supporting them to achieve their full potential. These are her Trademarks as a leader and an individual!
In her day to day life Frances is the Operations Director of an international firm that focuses on creating a better future for vulnerable populations through economic inclusion. She also enjoys punishing herself on a bicycle, in her tekkies or swimming.
As Chief Pathways Guide, Frances will be responsible for supporting your Pathways Guide who will help you at your club to adapt to the new program. Welcome and thank you Frances for your service!
Remember the deadline to submit your application for Pathways Guide is Tuesday, 31 October 2017. Please send your application to pathways@toastmasters74.org.

Frank Tsuro, DTM – Program Quality Director