Member Moments – Hello Table Topics

I was a Toastmaster in high school and resolved to continue through college and adult life. Life happened and my former resolution did not.

An event more than 7 years later made me join Toastmasters again. Most of us are familiar with the backstage of most performance theatres. There is a maze of passages and dimly lit rooms that make any visitor lose their sense of direction easily. I was working as a Sound man at a popular theatre. Having power problems with the monitors on stage, I decided to go and troubleshoot backstage. Not being familiar with the labyrinth of passages and doorways, I accidentally walked onto the stage at the right moment. The Master of Ceremony was introducing The Mystery Guest of the show! I was suddenly the much anticipated surprise visitor of the show. The spotlight was on me! I heard the MC whisper, “Play along!” He also didn’t want to spoil the show. In a flash I remembered the Table topic sessions in the Memorial Library at Churchill School. Here was my moment. I spread out my arms and switched on the widest smile I have ever mastered. “Look what the cat dragged in…” I started my debut appearance ever on a professional stage.

To cut a long story short, I played the character of the suspense creator, the one who further delays the waiting just to create more excitement. It was an adrenaline filled two minutes. How I managed to go for that long was a surprise to me too. All I know is if it wasn’t for my previous experiences as a Gavelier, I wouldn’t have made it. Soon after that event I looked for our former mentor club and found myself at Engineers Club again.

Hello Table Topics! I missed you.

Emmanuel Lisapo

Engineers Toastmasters – Zimbabwe