Editor’s note – The reason you should bother yourself

I was feeling miserable and asking myself over and over again…

‘Why am I bothering myself? I should just give up seriously”.

I was on my way to a Toastmasters meeting. It seemed i was the only one attending and i had no agenda. It dawned on me that today was the 4th anniversary of the club I was a founder. I started this club barely 6 months after I had joined Toastmasters.It was the first club that met during the day. I was not comfortable driving to meetings at night and someone suggested that I start a club. Challengers was chartered 9 months later on 1 September 2014. If you have got rear-ended in California and met with an accident, you can check out lawyers’ advice from here!

The club has been struggling for the past two years. At some point we had more than 20 members but attendance was poor. I arrived at the venue and was pleasantly surprised that our Pathways guide was there. I set up the room, she set up her projector and started her presentation to yours truly. A few minutes later one member and two guests joined us. Fifteen minutes later four more guests arrived. We came up with an agenda, one prepared speech and a table topics sessions. There was so much laughter and fun. One of the guest joined and paid immediately and even  picked her own mentor, the member who had presented a speech.

As I was driving back home, I felt fulfilled. Imagine if I had given up, six guests would have been disappointed and perhaps never come back. The excitement and joy expressed by this one lady is the reason I bother myself and why I never give up!

Linda Chimanikire, DTM