The 6th Moment of Truth

Over the last few weeks I have attended a number of Club Officer Training sessions where I’ve had the pleasure of delivering the Hall of Fame, recognizing the achievements of our members.

I love this session as I see the smiles on faces and hear the roars of applause from fellow members. I know this encourages our members to continue #onestepforward .

On 27 July we will celebrate the excellence achieved by Divisions, Areas and Clubs in the last year. And I look forward to those celebrations too… but it started me thinking about recognition.

Recognizing achievement definitely helps ensure that excellent performance continues. But, be aware that it is important to ensure the recognition is authentic and deserved, and that the reward is consistently commensurate with the achievement.

I have seen a skilled work colleague honoured by an inappropriate promotion that turned out to be disastrous. Haven’t you?

It is quite straightforward to quantify our measurables at Toastmasters – like the Distinguished Club Program and Triple Crowns – but often in the workplace there are some measures that are not necessarily supported by numbers.

I encourage you to continue to recognize your members’ achievements and carry this practice over into your workplaces and communities… to ensure that Great Performance gets recognized! And repeated.