VPPRs-How About a Guest Overload?!

How long did it take you to eventually become a Toastmaster? For many members today, they heard about Toastmasters at least 3,4 or 5 times before they committed to attending a meeting, let alone becoming a member.
This month, I would like to urge you to
1. Update your database of guests and visitors
2. Revisit the meeting themes you will be publishing
3. Make the last meeting of this month as big as you can!
How could you possibly do this?

1. Database update
Check if your former members, guests, visitors regularly receive meeting invites. Check on club central that your charter (founding) members are possibly on the list. That way, you might have 1 or 2 old faces joining you again. However, it doesn’t just end with meeting invites. After the meeting, send them a “cliffhanger” synopsis of how the meeting was and help them diarise your next event, collect RSVPs.

2. Communicate in the language of your market.
If you had never heard of Toastmasters, would your Club advertisements, communications and invites tell you this is something you need?
Your audience barely knows what a DTM, AD, VPE or VPPR is. Please don’t turn off your potential guests with this jargon. Check your flyers too, do they communicate to Peter, a person scrolling on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn that he can get rid of his fear for public speaking? Or is your spring day theme more important than what you actually are looking out for? Think about it!

3. How about you start planning a really big event this September?
Just commit to planning a really nice enjoyable event to excite your members. It could be a masquerade speakers event. It could be a motivational evening etc. Something unique but exciting. I have a feeling this would rejuvenate the energy and excitement of your members, and if you involve your inactive members they might be inspired to re-think missing out on your next club event/meeting. This could be the reason they can be #ProudToastmasters!
How, with this, can you not be one of the #PeopleMakingHistory in your club?
I am here to support you!

Andrew Tsuro, DTM
Public Relations Manager – District 74