Elections Already? IPPs

It is a good time to start talking to members about the benefits of leadership roles in the club executive committee. Even though most clubs will only hold the annual general meeting and the election of the new committee in May (which seems a lifetime away), there is no harm in getting the ball rolling. In particular there are many benefits in encouraging members to shadow committee members and see what the role entails.

It might also be an idea to start recruiting more experienced members (especially previous club Presidents) to form a nominations committee. The Club Leadership Handbook says that the President appoints three members to the nominations committee (including the Immediate Past President) at least two weeks before the elections are held. I don’t believe there is any harm in getting this going early and that you can discuss the composition of the committee with the President to make it official.

This committee serves an important role in guiding the process for the election of the new committee ensuring that there are candidates for each role, but it can also assist you to encourage members to consider committee roles.

Keith Bowen-DTM