How Do You Measure Up? Secretaries

Congratulations on completing Q1, your first quarter as the Club Executive Committee. How have you found the role so far? Can you remember why you took up the role of being Club Secretary? What value have you added thus far? Does your performance measure up to your expectations and that of the club?

All the above questions are important. But I think the real question is, according to your club members, how does your club measure up when it comes to delivering value to members and assisting them in meeting their club goals? Do you know what each club member intends to achieve and how are you tracking those goals? If you are not adding value to your members and not helping them grow, why must they pay their dues?

Do you want to know how your club measures up but have no idea how? Here is my suggestion, how about you run the Moments of Truth and present the “Moments of Truth educational, from The Successful Club Series? I believe this is a powerful tool to get valuable feedback from your members so that you can add real value. As #PeopleMakingHistory, feedback from your members will play a pivotal role ensuring every one of your club members gets maximum value from the program and being a #ProudToastmaster. This educational, contributes towards the Advanced Leadership Bronze award. It’s a win-win situation!

“Excellence is not an act, but a habit”-Aristotle. The Toastmasters Moments of Truth are excellent habits that will help your club RISE to the next level of excellence.

Njabulo Thela- DTM
Administration Manager