The Half-Way Mark-Presidents

Can you believe the first half of your term as President is almost over? If there is something I have learnt in Toastmasters leadership, it is that the time goes very quickly. Today, I would like to invite you to join me in a series of reflections.

Do you remember what success looked like for you and your leadership team when you sat together earlier this year to plan your club’s success?
Do you remember what your members said they expected from the club in their Interest Survey and Moments of Truth sessions? Do you remember what it is that you wanted to do differently?

There is a popular saying amongst management consultants that goes “What gets measured gets done.” At the end of each Toastmasters year, one of the most common regrets by any of the leaders is how they wish they had known early enough that their idea of success was under threat. I would like to invite you and your leadership team this month to review your progress on your goals and milestones. I promise you no matter how insurmountable your idea of success looks at this stage, if you started course correcting now, success is inevitable. Some of the questions to ask are:

1. How well are you doing in terms of your members achieving their goals? Is there someone that has been lagging
behind on their milestones? Now is the time to help them catch up on their personal/professional goals.

2. Do you have enough members to create a quality club experience? We have just come out of semi-annual dues
renewals and maybe you have not managed to retain some of your customers. Do you know why each and everyone of
them left? – because every customer (member) counts particularly for small businesses (clubs) like most
Toastmasters clubs are?

3. Is your leadership team in a position to positively diagnose the challenges that your club is going through? How
well are they doing in coming up and prescribing effective remedies to these challenges? Who are they reaching
out to for assistance? You, their peers in the area, your Area Director, Club Coach, Club Mentor or most
commonly no one?

The Club Performance Reports Reports which are aligned to the Club Success Plan are normally a useful starting point to review your progress. I hope that you can take advantage of this month to gather answers to most of the questions above. Your legacy is at stake and time is one of your greatest enemies at this stage. Make your goals count by ensuring today that your members (club) are on-track to achieve whatever success means to them. In this year of #PeopleMakingHistory in District 74, I ask you again, what history are you going to make?

Frank Tsuro, DTM
District Director