How to Get Started as the VP Public Relations

Ever since I joined Toastmasters, my favourite role has been that of the Vice President of Public Relations. Congratulations to all VPPRs! This is the role that made the most impact in my leadership development. I learned more about the organization, program and the people that made our club thrive. When you have knowledge of these three, you are set!

So what’s your job description? Find out here!

Knowing the organization will help you understand our mission as servant leaders, but most importantly, the magnitude of what we have and value of our history.

Knowing the program was an accelerator to my personal and professional development. Some say you cannot give what you don’t have; I gained the knowledge of our illustrious program and I shared it with my members and others who had not crossed paths with it.

Knowing the people that made our club thrive helped me realize what powerful network surrounded me. The people who are in your Toastmasters clubs have something special. Take time to know them.

Over and above attending Club Officer Training, this month:

  1.   Google / Find your club. Check the contact details of your club on Facebook, website and email address; are they up to date? If not, I suggest you update them.
  2.  Get to use the free branded templates at your disposal, are your flyers/email signatures brand compliant
  3. Here is a free Marketing guide to help you complete your plan
  4. Submit a plan to be the best Vice President of Public relations here.

There is great impact you can leave driving effective Public Relations in your club. Share the rich history, the invaluable educational program but most importantly the #ProudToastmasters in your club.

Let the world know your club exists. Let us be #PeopleMakingHistory

Andrew Tsuro, DTM
Public Relations Manager