Pathways Resources

Since the day I joined Toastmasters, I have always found incredible resources at my fingertips just by searching google or Facebook – How to be the grammarian, what to do when you are the Toastmaster of the day, who to contact at World Headquarters, where to buy a Gavel – all my questions are answered via google or Facebook

Pathways is no different!!!! I’d encourage you to investigate what resources you can find online to help YOU & YOUR MEMBERS with Pathways.

I recently found this presentation Pathways for newbies

I also made these 2 videos – I think they are very useful for those members & clubs that have not yet started Pathways

Pathways video 1

Pathways video 2

I will be making another shortly – keep your eyes out for these resources.

Join the Pathways Discussion Forum on Facebook and ask questions & discuss things – all over the globe our 1000’s of members face challenges & find solutions.

you can also google “help with Pathways Toastmasters”, and visit this Pathways site

And once you have found a resource – share it, as DTM Frank Tsuro says “if you don’t share good things, you are evil”

Have a wonderful month of November!

Nikki Quinn, DTM
Program Quality Director