Strong Club -Happy members.

Now that the collection of semi-annual dues and the “mop up” of the members that didn’t renew are in your review mirror it is time to look forward and set your club up for success.

As a club and particularly as the Vice President Membership of your club, you now know exactly how many members you have in your club. Is your club at that magic charter strength number of 20? If not, then November is the time to prepare and begin to implement your strategy of how your club is going to get back to that magic number.

You may ask “Why is 20 the magic number?”
When a club has a membership of 20 or more it is far easier to plan an event rather than a meeting. The reasons for this are:-
1. You have an atmosphere of excitement, passion and commitment;

2. You don’t have people doing multiple roles at the meeting;

3. The number of people volunteering to take on meeting roles and the presentation of speeches increases; and

4. The diversity of people and what they bring to the event increases.

Every club wants this as it ensures that you have happy members who are working to meet their goals. So if your club membership is not yet at that magic number then now is the time to put a membership drive in place to achieve that magic number.

Work together with your Vice President Public Relations to ensure that you have a membership drive for November and then ensure that you have the following in place:
1. A “meet and greet” protocol for your guests;

2. A guest pack that explains the Pathways programme and the benefits of Toastmasters; and

3. A follow up protocol that ensures the guests are contacted within 24 hours of attending the meeting.

Go back and personally invite all the guests that have attended your meeting in the last 4 months that have not yet been converted into guests

Remember, magic happens when your club achieves the magic number of 20 members so make it your mission to get your club membership there before January 2019!

Merryl Jubber DTM
Club Growth Director