Do you know what the Smedley Award is?

When I was tasked to write this article, I thought, yes! I am going be a famous writer for #PeopleMakingHistory as VPPRs! Then it sunk in and I was asking myself,

“Do you know what a Smedley Award is?”

My next and most natural reaction was, let us see what my friend google says.

What I discovered, is that the award is linked to a yearly Toastmasters International membership-building contest. How it works is very simple and oh-boy the reward we receive, when we attain the award, is extra special!

All we need to do as clubs, is to add a total of five, yes five new, dual or reinstated members between 1st August 2018 and 30th September 2018.

What is in it for your club? You receive a R500 voucher when you submit a PR plan (due on 15 August 2018) and host an open house and just for attaining the award, you will receive a R250 voucher from district 74.

To give you a little history lesson, the award is named after Ralph Smedley, the founder of Toastmasters. In honour of him and the new Toastmasters meeting he established way back in 1924, Toastmasters International created a membership-building contest called the Smedley Award. This is one of three membership-building contests that Toastmasters International have created.

Now for the exciting part, how to get those five dynamic members to sign-up. Here are a few thoughts, after submitting your PR Plan here.

1. Host an Open House event

2. Advertise in your local newspapers, newsletters and/or place an advert on your local supermarket/gym notice boards, etc.

3. Host a bring-a-friend event where every member brings one friend to your meeting

4. Host a special event. E.g. a women’s breakfast or reach-a-girl-child: our next gen. leaders

To attain the Smedley Award, remember the end-goal, all of us want our clubs to be President’s Distinguished. This is a stepping stone to achieving excellence.

Here are some additional resources that will assist you.

Learn more about the award, visit

Methods for Membership growth, visit

Success 101, visit

All the best!

Glennita Ford

Special Projects Team Leader